"I've just had the greatest idea for a device in the whole universe, yet I don't know squat about electronic design" - by many people that I've met

The best ideas are those which become a part of reality. Based on that Mighty Devices helps people who want to develop and finally materialize their ideas for electronic devices. Whether it involves radio communications, hard-core miniaturization, long term battery life, sensor data processing - no matter, you've come to the right place.

STM32 L1 Tutorial #1: Hello, World! (LED Blink)

Today I’m about to show you how to make any use of my version of STM32L Standard Peripheral Library (post, .zip). First order of business for everyone that starts using MCU that he never used before is to get into controlling states of MCUs General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins which translates to setting the voltage […]

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STM32 L1 Standard Peripheral Lib Revisited

Hello everyone! Today I thought that I might actually share my version of STM32L Standard Peripheral Library that I am using for all my projects. You would probably ask if it is any different from what ST Microelectronics already gave you. Well there are few differences which are presented below. You may also ask why […]

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Mighty Little FM Transmitter (part 1)

Well there is one thing that’s most annoying about laptops: their speakers. People often choose to listen to their music with headphones, but still, sitting with headphones on for a number of hours is not too comfortable nor healthy. Many of us use speaker systems but that often leads to quite a mess with all […]

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