"I've just had the greatest idea for a device in the whole universe, yet I don't know squat about electronic design" - by many people that I've met

The best ideas are those which become a part of reality. Based on that Mighty Devices helps people who want to develop and finally materialize their ideas for electronic devices. Whether it involves radio communications, hard-core miniaturization, long term battery life, sensor data processing - no matter, you've come to the right place.

Weekend Project: Simple 20 meter Direct Conversion Receiver

Hello everyone! Yesterday I’ve finished my work on simple radio receiver that I was intended to develop from scratch all by myself, just to check if I am capable of doing some shortwave electronics. I’ve picked the Direct Conversion method as it occurred to me to be the most straightforward, and after some research on […]

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STM32 L1 Morse Code Beacon

Since I’ve found STM32L uController series to be most amusing to play with I did some experiments that no one, not even the manufacturer himself would dare to call ‘normal’ use cases :). In this post I’m going to present you a way to turn your STM32L uC into fully-functional, transmitting actual RF signals, Morse […]

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STM32 L1 Tutorial #2: Boost your code (Bit-Banding)

Today I’m going to show you how to speed things up in your code by using marvelous feature called “Bit-Banding”. Basically bit-banding is a new way of addressing (and accessing) things in some parts of your Cortex-M3 uC address space. Well, you would probably ask if there is any room for any useful improvement in […]

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