"I've just had the greatest idea for a device in the whole universe, yet I don't know squat about electronic design" - by many people that I've met

The best ideas are those which become a part of reality. Based on that Mighty Devices helps people who want to develop and finally materialize their ideas for electronic devices. Whether it involves radio communications, hard-core miniaturization, long term battery life, sensor data processing - no matter, you've come to the right place.

MightyHID – C# Lib for USB HID communication

Few days ago I’ve completed my work on C# library that I am planning to use for implementing communication with USB HID Devices. It’s called MightyHID. Why HID? Well, first of all HID class is one that does not require any drivers and works on any major operating system that I know. Furthermore, it is […]

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H4ck33D – hacking a 433MHz Remote Control

Many of us live in so called ‘gated communities’ which are often surrounded by fences and/or walls built to provide to all residents some sense of security and isolation or (as it will be described later) an illusion of it. The access to such places is only possible through a limited number of dedicated gates which are […]

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Christmas came early this year!

That’s right! Thanks to wonderful people from STMicroelectronics and with some help and support from Rutronik  I just received tons of electronic goodies. I lack of words to express my gratitude to all people from ST and Rutronik that I had pleasure meeting along my career. Hopefully I’ll find a way to pay those guys back by […]

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