"I've just had the greatest idea for a device in the whole universe, yet I don't know squat about electronic design" - by many people that I've met

The best ideas are those which become a part of reality. Based on that Mighty Devices helps people who want to develop and finally materialize their ideas for electronic devices. Whether it involves radio communications, hard-core miniaturization, long term battery life, sensor data processing - no matter, you've come to the right place.

MIPI DSI Tx interface for Ipod Nano 7th gen

Before reading this post I highly recommend that you pay a visit to Mike’s Electric stuff webpage where Mike describes the reverse engineering of the Ipod Nano 6th gen LCD. It it essential to have at least some understanding of how it works since Ipod 7 LCD (IP7 for short) does it’s job in a […]

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Reverse Engineering Antminer S1

Antminer S1 is the 1st generation of Bitcoin mining hardware based on Bitmain Technologies chip marked as BM1380. There are 64 chips (2 boards, 32 chips each) per miner offering hash rates at around 120GH/s under normal conditions. In this article I present my approach at reverse engineering the communication protocol the chips use in […]

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Mini STM32 Firmware Uploader

After multiple Windows crashes caused by ST’s “Flash Loader Demonstrator” v2.7.0 I decided to write my own library that will allow me to talk to STM32’s on-chip bootloaders via USART in C# .net. This is the initial yet fully functional version: https://github.com/MightyDevices/STBootLib (binaries: here). This implementation uses classic SerialPort class with no additional magic which allows for safe operation (no system hangs […]

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